Low Energy? 4 Ways to Stay Alert from Work to Your Workout

These days we’re all walking the line of burnout and feeling drained. Between work, life, family, fitness, and living through a global pandemic, the last year has been a test in our limits and stamina. Now as things return to a new normal it’s difficult to maintain the go-go momentum of our previous lives. With energy dips and both mental and physical exhuastion, we could all use a boost. Here’s a look at what causes exhaustion and our tried and true ways to stay alert and energized from work to your workouts.

What Causes Exhaustion?

Fatigue and low energy can simply be the result of daily life or something more serious. Luckily in most cases, persistent exhaustion can be explained and aided by lifestyle habits. Whether you’re not sleeping right, eating the right foods, or are stressed and overworked, these are all factors in explaining energy levels. For those that are constantly tired or hitting that 4 pm slump too often, here are four tangible remedies that can improve your day-to-day and help you bounce back to your best and fullest self. 

How to Stay Energized:

#1 – Focus on the Quality of Your Sleep

The ideal amount of sleep varies from person to person. So while we’re told somewhere between 7-9 hours for an adult is ideal, it’s not just about the time spent between the sheets. Some would argue the quality of sleep is what matters most. To ensure your energy isn’t plateauing or dipping throughout the day, getting a restful sleep should be priority number one. 

To do so, it’s important to create an optimal sleep setup that is conducive to you reaching your REM cycle when the recharging takes place while you’re in your deepest state of sleep. This can mean getting into bed an hour before your desired bedtime and turning off all electronics whose blue light and content can overstimulate your brain. It could also be as easy as limiting caffeine and alcohol intake as you near closer to your sleeping time. And if you’re having a hard time getting to sleep, taking melatonin or CBD supplements or experimenting with a sound machine can help lull you to sleep. By supporting your sleep, you’re restoring your energy sources and preparing your body for a more energized morning, and day. 

#2 – Fuel Your Body and Brain

One of the best ways to curb energy dips is to eat a balanced and healthy diet. Eating your nutrients, either via food sources or through vitamins, is a great way to fuel your body and mind throughout the day. Diets rich in processed foods and high in sugar have the tendency to leave you feeling full only momentarily before experiencing a crash from the sugar spikes. When you’re eating whole foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein, your body takes in more fiber which helps release carbohydrates (energy) slowly into your bloodstream over long periods of time which makes for more even energy levels throughout the day. 

If you’ve already changed your eating habits and are still struggling to control exhaustion, natural adaptogens that boost brain function or healthy energy drinks can be of assistance. These supplemental diet additions work to extend energy naturally in place or in conjunction with caffeine.

#3 – Keep Stress to a Minimum

Managing stress is no easy task but finding ways to prevent stress or learning how to identify and cope with stressful situations can help you not get bogged down by the emotional exhaustion it can cause. Being able to decompress and care for yourself can greatly reduce stress and intern keep energy stowed away for future use. A great example of this is building a reliable and consistent workout routine or another favorite way to relax and decompress. 

#4 – Try a Supplement 

One of our favorite ways to bounce back and keep ourselves alert and active throughout the day is by taking a dietary supplement. The Herbalife Liftoff supplement naturally supports brain function, accelerates memory recall, and puts to rest any feelings of mental fatigue. Made of adaptogens like ginseng, taurine and guarana extract the tablets contain vitamin C, energy supporting B vitamins, 75mg of caffeine, and zero sugar. We love this supplement because it combines all forms of maintaining energy through diet, into one tablet you can throw into a glass of water.

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