7 Weight Loss Tips for Busy People

We get it—life these days is crazy-hectic. Maybe your working 10 hours a day to try and get that raise at work. Or maybe your putting in endless hours taking care of a new baby. Or maybe it’s something else?

Either way, when you’re stressed out and pressed for time, one of the first things to go out the window is your weight-loss plan. Who has time to cook healthy food and go to the gym when there’s just so many other things in the way…right? Well, take a deep breath, relax, and tips for sticking to your diet even on a busy schedule.

#1 – De-Junk Your Kitchen

Yes, it’ll be painful, but go through your cabinets and sack up all your sugary snacks, processed chips and crackers, frozen treats, and any other junk-food items. Now donate them to a food pantry! The busier you are the more likely you are to reach for these junk foods in your kitchen, and that will derail your weight loss.

#2 – Keep Health food In Convenient Areas

After you’ve de-junked your kitchen, stock healthy foods and snacks, and put them right in convenient areas so you see them—and reach for those first—first. Greek yogurt, healthy soups, instant brown rice, tuna packets, quinoa, turkey breast, and other lower-calorie foods you can see, grab, and prepare quickly.

#3 – Put Your Workouts in Your Calender

Busy people almost always use an appointments book or the calendar on their smart phone. Doing the same for your workout class can help you stick to your fitness and nutrition goals.

#4 – Make Big Batches

Even the busiest CEO or new mom can carve out a few hours to make large portions or fresh proteins, carbs and fats. Prepping your food in advance makes it much easier to grab when you’re in a hurry! Try make a big pot of brown rice, roast a heaping tray of veggies, roast a chicken, etc… All of these keep well for days in the fridge, and they can be repurposed into a variety of meals over the next few days.

#5 – Have Healthy Snacks with You at All Times

Carry healthy foods with you in your purse, or stash them in your office desk drawer so you’re never caught off-guard when you get hungry. You want snacks with a combination of protein, healthy carbs and fat. A good example is something like protein bars, peanut butter squeeze packs, trail mix or Greek yogurt.

#6 – Find an Exercise Partner or Workout Group

It’s much less likely you’ll ditch the gym if you know someone is expecting to be there at a certain time! Exercise groups a workout partners are a great way to do this. We offer a FREE fit camp to help you achieve your goals faster. If you interested just contact me for class times.

#7 – Try Using Meal Replacements or Protein Bars

Another quick way to have healthy options available at your fingertips is using protein bars and meal replacements. If you choose a good product it should contain a good combination of protein, carbs and fats. If you’re interested in some great tasting protein bars and shakes that contain balanced nutrition contact me for a sample pack

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