The 3 Best Teas to Lose Weight & Stimulate Your Metabolism

Have you ever considered drinking tea as a weight loss and metabolism-boosting tool? Tea has been used for centuries to promote wellness, and it turns out that the old wives’ tales were true. Drinking tea can help lose weight, increase your metabolism, reduce stress levels, lower cholesterol, and so much more! Each type of tea boasts a long list of unique benefits but we’re looking into the three best option for losing weight. Read on to find out more about how drinking tea can improve your life!

History of Medicinal Tea

Tea has a long history of use in Chinese medicine. The leaves were used to help with coughs, headaches, infections, and other ailments. In the 17th century, Japanese physicians began drinking matcha tea as an antidote for poisons or illnesses caused by tainted food. By the 1830’s tea gained popularity beyond medicinal uses as tea houses started popping up in Europe. Today, tea is the largest beverage consumed globally and while still used for health promotion it’s most popular as a healthy daily refreshment. 

Modern Health Benefits of Tea

All tea is derived from the same leaves – Camellia sinesis – and the different ways the leaves are processed, creates new tea. And with each variety comes different benefits. However, teas do have a flavonoid (strong antioxidants) called catechine which has been recorded to boost metabolism which in turn helps your body break down fat. Additionally, caffeine and caffeinated teas support energy levels which are essential for burning calories as you move throughout the day. Lastly, substituting tea for your daily latte, sugary drink or alcohol, cuts sugar, excess fats, and dairy out of your diet. Tea is a lighter option with the same refreshing qualities, energy boost, and more. 

3 Teas to Lose Weight & Stimulate Your Metabolism

Black Tea

Strong in color and flavor, this tea is one of the most common teas consumed in all of the United States. This tea hasn’t always been associated with weight loss but in recent years studies have shown that black tea has an effect on the gut microbiome which contributes to weight loss. It’s also been theorized that the tea’s high levels of antioxidants are able to aid in further weight loss than other caffeinated beverages. 

Green Tea

Green tea has long been touted as a weight loss remedy due to its long list of healthy benefits. Similar to black tea, green tea is strong in antioxidants which kickstarts your metabolism and keeps your body burning fat and calories. The makeup of green tea is able to promote fat loss by increasing energy, fat oxidation, and decreased fat absorption.

Herbal Tea Blends

Herbal teas have all the fun – and flavor – that green and black tea lack. And while most herbal teas are caffeine-free, herbal tea supplements such as the Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate ignite your metabolism and provides antioxidant support just like an herbal tea would, but with 85mg of caffeine. 

The Overall Best Tea for Losing Weight

Everyone’s reasons for drinking tea vary: from enjoying the soothing quality and taste to maximizing the health and weight loss benefits. If you fall into each category, the Herbalife Herbal Tea Concentrate is the best choice. By replacing high-calorie and high sugar daily drinks with tea, you’re cutting calories while stimulating your metabolism as your body loses weight. Prepare your herbal tea by mixing a little more than ½ a teaspoon of the concentrate into hot or cold water and enjoy it twice a day. It’s a relaxing ritual that works for you. 

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